Wood Types And Wood Grades For Your Hardwood Floors

What about species and wood grades?

The grade of wood you choose for your hardwood flooring project
is a personal preference, and should be based on the desired look
you want to achieve, as well as budget.  Each grade has it's own
distinguished characteristics.

Hardwood Floor Grading Basics:

Practically free of defects, made up mostly of heartwood.  Most
uniform color with limited small character marks.  This grade will
cost more than other grades.

Select or 1st grade
Almost clear, with more of the normal characteristics such as knots
and color variations.  Unlimited sound sap wood (lighter in color).

#1 Common or 2nd grade
More markings than clear or select.  Light and dark colors, knots
and other character marks, including sticker stain, provide a
variegated appearance.  Often the common grades are selected
because of their more natural, rustic appearance.

#2 Common or 3rd grade
The most knots, imperfections, and color variations.  A natural,
more affordable floor, full of character.  This is your choice if many
character markings are desired.


Plainsawn is the most common and least expensive method of
wood flooring cuts. Plainsawn contains more variation than the
other two cuts because grain patterns resulting from the growth
rings are more obvious. This is the most economical method
because it creates the widest boards with the least amount of
waste.  The flooring will tend to expand and contract more across
the width of the boards.


Quartersawing produces less board feet per log than plainsawing
and is therefore is more expensive. The log is first cut into
quarters and then sawn perpendicular   to the growth rings.
When quartersawn flooring is introduced to changing climates and
humidity, the wood expands and contracts vertically instead of
horizontal, and is therefore, a little more stable.

When shopping for flooring, if the cut is not specified, then it's
pretty safe to assume the most common, plainsawn.

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