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Restoring A Beautiful Hardwood Floor

On of the big advantages of solid hardwood flooring is that hardwood flooring can be restored and refinished many times over it's life, to reveal
the beauty they once had.  You can see from the before and after pictures above, that refinishing your hardwood floors can make a huge difference in revealing and restoring a beautiful hardwood floor which helps create a beautiful home. Excellent Hardwood Flooring is a hardwood flooring contractor that provides Hardwood Flooring installation and hardwood floor refinishing in all surrounding areas of: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Lafayette, Bloomington, Evansville, Columbus, Richmond, Gary., starting at only $2.50/sqft.  See our Services page for more details fill out a Quote Request Form for a free no obligation custom quote..

Our Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Process

Excellent Hardwood Flooring  is a hardwood flooring contractor serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas that offers a variety of hardwood flooring services, throughout Indiana, including hardwood floor  installation, hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor staining, custom hardwood floors, exotic woods, and more.   Here you can see a hardwood floor refinishing in progress.  In the first photo, a big sanding machine called a drum sander - what the hardwood floor  guys call, "The Big Machine" - sands the wood down to raw wood, using 36-grit or 40-grit paper, removing existing stain, finish, scratches - all raw,  natural flat wood is left. The next step is trowel the floor with filler, to fill all the cracks, spaces, joints, nail holes.  The next step equally sands the wood to it's raw natural state,  near the walls, corners, under cabinetry and other hard to reach spaces.  The Edger is what gets this job done.  It's not as big as a big machine - in fact  it's held in two hands - but it's very aggressive, and gets this tough job done. The next step is to crank on The Big Machine, with an 80-grit or 100-grit sanding belt, and sand the floor again, smoothing it out. Once that is complete, they use a large professional buffing machine, and buff the floor with a 120-grit or 150-grit buffer screen to take to another level  smooth, take out imperfections, sanding marks, etc.   Getting closer to completion, Excellent Hardwood Flooring now vacuum the floor with a flooring vacuum, which has a fine brush to help pick up the fine dust  from the floor. Once the dust is all removed, they check to be sure the area is closed up from wind or air flow, which can blow debris and dust into the finish. Finally, they coat the floor using special brushes or a T-bar, which is a special foam pad which pulls the finish across the floor, specially made for  coating a hardwood floor with finish.   Dry Time.  Usually 24 hours passes (in some cases, with different finish types, less time can pass), then another coat is applied, after another buffing  and vacuuming.

Finish types vary widely.  The main types of finishes are: 

1. Oil modified polyurethane finish - a common finish, easy to apply, slight amber tone, yellows with age.  

2. Water based is a waterborne urethane that dries by evaporation- quickly, in about 3 hours, is clear, non-yellowing, and usually has less smell to it.   These finishes usually cost more.  

3. Swedish finish - the brand of Swedish finish we use is acid-based, clear, fast drying and durable.  It's less yellowing.  This finish is also more  expensive than standard polyurethane.  

4. Stains and Wax - This finish soaks into the wood and seals it.  

5.  Aluminum oxide finish - Popular on prefinished flooring, this finish is long lasting and durable, carrying 25 year wear warranties by many  manufacturers. 

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