Bring your hardwood flooring back to life with Sanding & refinishing

Beautiful hardwood flooring can bring so much to a home. Hardwood floor refinishing can restore your existing hardwood floors, giving them the luster and beauty they once had. Sometimes this is called hardwood floor resurfacing, or hardwood floor restoring.  Whatever you call it, it basically consists of completely sanding down the existing hardwood floor, to the raw wood, removing layers of old existing finish, debris, scratches, etc.  This is done with a big floor sanding machine.  The edges of the floor are also sanded with a smaller sanding machine called an edger.  Then, the floor is buffed with another large machine, designed to buff hardwood floors.  At this point, the floor is throughly vacuumed with a special vacuum.  

Finally, as the last step finish is applied to the floor, usually 2 or 3 coats of the chosen finish.

We also offer hardwood floor installation!! 

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